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Do You Have Something to Tell the Government?

Posted December 16, 2010 9:29 PM by Dylan Miyake

If you have wanted to tell the federal government what to do here is your chance. The White House and OMB are seeking your feedback on an approach by which they can receive your expertise and input to the challenges on which the government is focused.

Be Heard! Go to http://expertnet.wikispaces.com where you will find a draft description of ExpertNet. (ExpertNet is a working title. You'll find a page to suggest a better name.) Also, you can discuss the concept on a discussion forum or edit the document on the editable Wiki up through January 7, 2011.

Here is what they want to hear from you about:

1.Any refinements or suggestions to improve the process as described; 2.Any issues (legal, policy, technical) raised by the features described; 3.Information about any tools that perform the process described; 4.Pointers to organizations (public or private) that have a similar platform or process in place.

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