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Hillside Family of Agencies to Present at the Mission Driven Summit 2012

Posted October 14, 2011 1:43 PM by Ted Jackson

For those of you that came to the Summit in March of 2011, you would have to remember Maria Cristalli from Hillside. Her presentation received the highest rank of any presentation given (even higher than our keynotes from last year). To make it more remarkable, she was the last presentation on the last day of the conference. We are excited to have her back for the 2012 event.

Hillside is a social services family of agencies that provides mental health, child welfare, developmental disabilities, youth and family development, safety net, juvenile justice, and special education services to families in need. They served over 12,000 families with a budget of over $140 million in FY 2011. They are headquartered in Rochester, NY and have over 2,000 staff, and Hillside provides services in over 60 counties in New York State and Maryland.

Hillside has been focused on implementing the Balanced Scorecard since 1998. They are one of the longest users as a nonprofit organization. Ms. Cristalli will present on how the Agency has gone through a start-up phase, a revitalization phase, and now is in a sustainability phase with regards to its focus on performance management.

At the last conference, Maria shared her strategy maps, the alignment across the entire organization, and how all of their processes fit into the Norton/Kaplan Execution Premium model. We are very excited about the results and we look forward to hearing more this coming March in Washington, DC at the Mission Driven Summit 2012. Please learn more and register. This event will sell out.

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