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Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Templates and Examples

Posted June 1, 2011 1:51 PM by Dylan Miyake

In a Harvard Business Review article titled, "Having Trouble with Your Strategy? Then Map It," Drs. Kaplan and Norton say this about strategy maps, "The key to executing your strategy is to have people understand it – including the crucial but perplexing processes by which intangible assets will be converted into tangible outcomes. Strategy maps can help chart this difficult terrain." To help nonprofit and social sector leaders better understand the purpose and value of a Strategy Map, we have compiled and posted a number of real nonprofit, educational, medical, government, and professional examples in our library of white papers. The entire library of white papers are free to download here: Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps - Free Templates and Examples Each white paper follows a similar framework of describing typical balanced scorecard layouts, the four perspectives (customer, financial, internal processes, and learning and growth), and then briefly overviews the purpose of Balanced Scorecard objectives. After quickly covering the basics, each white paper introduces 5-10 real balanced scorecard strategy maps. Each whitepaper can also be downloaded directly by clicking the links below: Example Strategy Maps for Charity and Nonprofit Organizations Example Strategy Maps for Government, Police and Support Agencies Example Strategy Maps for Medical and Healthcare Organizations Example Strategy Maps for Public, Private, and Charter Schools and Libraries Example Strategy Maps for Societies, Associations, and Unions

We have spent an incredible amount of time compiling and organizing this library and will greatly appreciate any and all feedback! And if you find them useful in guiding your organization's strategy, we'll recommend you check out ClearPoint's balanced scorecard software.

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This website has a couple other simple templates that relate to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations:

For-Profit: http://www.ap-institute.com/BS_fig2.htm

Not-For-Profit: http://www.ap-institute.com/BS_fig3.htm
# Posted By Rick | 6/2/11 10:38 AM
Certainly a must read for anyone who wishes to better understand what the balanced scorecard concept is
# Posted By Balanced Scorecard Template | 8/28/11 10:34 PM
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