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Getting The Job; Getting The Job Done

Posted October 5, 2012 7:10 AM by Dylan Miyake

As regular readers of the website know, we posted a job yesterday.  And we're already getting a flood of great resumes coming in (thank you!)  But, there are a few things I've noticed.  Some of you aren't that good at reading.  Or spelling.  Or maybe you think that we're just going to pick the resumes at random from the top of the pile.  We're not.  We're really careful about who we hire, and why.  So, a few tips for you prospective job seekers (I think this applies anywhere, but especially here at Ascendant):

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Excellent commentary here, Dylan. Interesting that we both reached the same level of frustration about job applicants at the same time, as indicated the latest issue of my newsletter [http://www.finman.com/archive/]. The problem has gotten worse during the past four years, at time when candidates for positions at Ascendant and with my clients should be stepping up and improving their games. Maybe people have been so beaten down by the failure of hiring companies to respond effectively that they figure it’s all just a crap shoot. Or perhaps it’s simply that they’ve been so indoctrinated in collaboration that they don’t understand the implications of competition in the job market.
# Posted By Brad Howe | 10/15/12 2:28 PM
Nice post.
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