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    City of Charlottesville Presents Performance Measurement Scorecards to Public

    "The City of Charlottesville, VA shares real-time performance measurement scorecards for nine departments using the Balanced Scorecard tool, ClearPoint Strategy. The tool measures progress by departments such as Public Works, Police, Fire, and others, to increase transparency to the public."

    Charlottesville, VA, Jan, 09, 2013 --

    In an official roll out ceremony at CitySpace on January 9th, 2013, the City of Charlottesville presented performance measurement scorecards for nine public service areas valued by the community.

    The scorecards allow the public to monitor City progress in service areas, such as greening efforts for sustainability, and affordable, quality housing options. City of Charlottesville councilors have adopted this tool, based on the City Council Vision 2025, to enable future councils, staff, and decision-makers to present a transparent assessment of the type of City that citizens wish to encourage and create.

    Several City departments, such as Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works, share individual scorecards online; the City plans to publicly roll out more departments in the near future. Each scorecard, developed using a Balanced Scorecard tool called ClearPoint Strategy, provides the public with a “snapshot” of how the City performs in each department or area to encourage a connected community with a citizen-focused government.

    Representatives from Ascendant, the creators of ClearPoint Strategy, attended the roll out event. “It is great to see a public sector organization increase its transparency by publishing its results online using ClearPoint. It is one of the reasons we are proud to serve the public sector,” said Ted Jackson, managing partner at Ascendant. The public is invited to monitor and engage in the City’s progress at

    Read the official press release on PRWeb.

    About City of Charlottesville’s City Council Vision 2025

    City Council Vision 2025 calls for the City to be a leader in innovation, environmental sustainability, and social and economic justice; to be flexible and progressive in anticipating and responding to the needs of the citizens; and to act as the cultural and creative capital of Central Virginia. There are nine main areas of focus: economic sustainability, lifelong learning, mutual respect, quality housing opportunities for all, arts and culture, green city initiatives, healthy city initiatives, a connected community, and smart, citizen-focused government.

    About ClearPoint Strategy

    ClearPoint Strategy is a web-based balanced scorecard, dashboard, and performance management software solution. With the easy to use interface, new users can quickly add strategic plans, strategy maps, measures, and dashboards- tools that your leadership team will soon rely on to make more accurate decisions. ClearPoint is secure, cost effective, and offers a reliable US-based support team. Visit for more information and to sign up for a free demo.