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    ClearPoint is City of Durham’s Solution of Choice to Track Strategy Execution

    "The City of Durham, North Carolina, utilizes ClearPoint Strategy software to track 81 strategic measures, manage 37 key initiatives, and clearly report the results to citizens and taxpayers."

    Durham, NC, Aug, 09, 2011 -- DURHAM, NC—August 9, 2011. The City of Durham, North Carolina, has chosen ClearPoint Strategy software—a strategy and performance management solution that helps organizations manage performance—to align, track, manage, and report progress on the implementation of the City’s Strategic Plan.

    In FY 2010-11, the City of Durham utilized a $353 million dollar budget across its 25 departments totaling more than 2,400 employees to serve over 230,000 residents. This is no small task and city leadership in Durham is relying on ClearPoint to track 81 strategic measures, manage 37 key initiatives, and clearly report the results to citizens and taxpayers. “Completion of the Performance Management System website is another step in fulfilling the City’s promise to be transparent and accountable to Durham residents, which is vital in being a well-managed city,” according to Durham City Manager tom Bonfield. “This new website will enable the administration to stay on track with sound measurements of progress, and that we share the progress with the City Council and Durham residents.”

    “Since this plan changes the way we do business, residents need to be informed every step of the way on how we’re doing, what’s working, what’s not working, and what our plan is for fixing the areas that need improvement,” Bonfield said.

    “We designed ClearPoint Strategy to help organizations measure and manage their strategy execution,” said Ted Jackson, managing partner of Ascendant Strategy Management Group, the consultancy that developed ClearPoint. “In Durham’s case, we believe it will help ensure the city’s effective use of limited resources by focusing on key priorities and tracking progress on strategic initiatives.”

    After Durham spent months compiling performance data supporting its Strategic Plan, the city is now inviting members of the Durham community to see the latest information at

    The new public strategy and performance review website defines each strategic goal and the specific strategic elements including objectives, measures of performance, and corrective and/or improvement initiatives currently underway. In addition to the data, each element tracks additional information such as reporting frequency, data source(s), and calculation formulas.

    “This dynamic software allows residents to easily view progress made on citywide measures and initiatives as well as identify positive and negative trends,” according to Jay Reinstein, strategic initiatives manager with the City of Durham. “This tool provides easy navigation into each of the City’s five goals and website visitors can delve into the outcome measures, objectives and intermediate measures, or initiatives to learn more about why it matters, an analysis of the issue, and numerous charts and graphs to show data and trends”.

    About Durham, NC:

    Durham is located halfway between the Great Smoky Mountains and the beaches of the Atlantic. It is home to Duke University, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, The Research Triangle Technology Park, art and science museums, world-class medical facilities, and over 300 restaurants. More information is available here:

    About ClearPoint Strategy:

    ClearPoint Strategy is a web-based balanced scorecard, dashboard, and performance management software solution. With the easy to use interface, new users can quickly add strategic plans, strategy maps, measures, and dashboards- tools that your leadership team will soon rely on to make more accurate decisions. ClearPoint is secure, cost effective, and offers a reliable US based support team that is ready to help you get started. Visit for more info and a free demo version today!

    About Ascendant Strategy Management Group:

    Ascendant Strategy Management Group helps nonprofits, agencies, associations, and foundations manage strategy, collaborate with stakeholders, and build communities around their strategy execution efforts. Ascendant offers Balanced Scorecard and performance management training, facilitation, and consulting to help organizations accelerate mission results. For more information about Ascendant, visit