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    ClearPoint Brings the Power of Analytics to Everyone

    "ClearPoint, an online scorecarding and dashboarding solution, brings the power of analytics and performance management to organizations of all sizes. Priced at only $50 per user per month, and allowing for real-time collaboration around quantitative and qualitative data, ClearPoint helps organizations effectively report results, manage performance, and plan for success."

    Boston, MA, Jul, 06, 2009 -- Ascendant Strategy Management Group is pleased to announce the official launch of ClearPoint, an easy-to-use online scorecarding and dashboarding solution. At only $50 per user per month, ClearPoint democratizes performance management and makes it available to organizations of any scale or scope.

    ClearPoint was built from the ground up to help organizations more effectively use data to drive management meetings and processes. ClearPoint can be customized online to support any number of data-driven management processes -- from Balanced Scorecard, to Total Quality Management, to Management by Objectives. The "platform neutral" application is designed to take any management process and make it more effective and efficient.

    Marjean Perhot, Director for Refugee and Immigration Services at Catholic Charities of Boston, remarked: "We have been using ClearPoint to quickly and easily manage our monthly data and create reports for our Board of Trustees, donors and staff. We are so pleased with the capabilities of the application to provide both qualitative and quantitative information."

    In addition, by using ClearPoint to compile board reports, prepare for management meetings, and manage projects, organizations can save literally hundreds of hours annually on non-productive administrative time. ClearPoint ensures that every member of the organization--be they at headquarters or a far-flung field office--is working off the same "version of the truth" and that decisions are documented.

    Ted Jackson, Managing Partner at Ascendant, said, "We listened carefully to our clients and beta testers. The features represent exactly what they have requested and we have seen a very quick adoption rate. Our training sessions take only 30 minutes and the clients are off and running. Especially helpful is our ability to create interactive PDF reports that look just like the online tool, so management meetings can be conducted offline."

    Sarah Long from ACCION International said, "We began using ClearPoint for our Board meetings, and our Board remarked how useful the reports were. They were jumping with excitement after reviewing the report. The visual clarity of the information helped us to better assess our progress against strategy, and stimulated fruitful discussions. We found ClearPoint really easy to use and quite intuitive."

    ClearPoint is the first Web 2.0 software-as-a-service performance management solution that's designed to work on all modern browsers. With no client configuration and no installation required, organizations can be up and running with ClearPoint in less than 30 minutes. A 60-day free trial of ClearPoint is currently available at

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