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    ClearPoint Named One of “Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies” by CIO Review

    "ClearPoint Strategy, developer of an easy-to-use, cloud-based management reporting application, is named one of the top 20 most promising enterprise software companies by CIO Review magazine."

    Washington, DC, Mar, 31, 2014 -- ClearPoint Strategy has been named to the “Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies” by CIO Review, the magazine announced in its March 2014 issue.

    ClearPoint, a cloud-based management reporting application, solves the problems of gaining timely access to strategic information across large organizations and organizing it in a simple, easy to understand format, according to the article in CIO Review. With an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface, ClearPoint enables managers to quickly design new (or replicate existing) management reports.

    “There's no need for an expensive and complex IT project to configure ClearPoint. Similar to standard office software such as PowerPoint, this system puts the control in the user’s hands with accessible reports that seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative data,” says Dylan Miyake, co-founder of ClearPoint Strategy and head of ClearPoint’s development team.

    “The business case for ClearPoint is also compelling," says Ted Jackson, co-founder and leader of ClearPoint's sales team. “Our clients have been able to reduce their management reporting headcount by as much as a factor of ten – while producing better and more accurate reports.”

    One of the key advantages of ClearPoint is that it is “built by managers, for managers.” The ClearPoint Strategy team has over 30 combined years of experience in management reporting and performance measurement.

    Therefore, ClearPoint has been designed with the goal of making the end-user a reporting super star. It makes collecting, analyzing, and reporting management data across organizations easier than it has ever been.

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