ClearPoint Strategy

ClearPoint Strategy is a software-as-a-service Balanced Scorecard design, management, and reporting tool. Ascendant uses ClearPoint extensively during the Balanced Scorecard design process to help facilitate rapid deployment and reduce the cost and errors with manual data entry. After the development process, ClearPoint helps organizations manage strategy review meetings, build scorecards and dashboards, and manage projects.

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Strategy Review Meetings

ClearPoint gets your entire organization on one page, so you can make decisions about your strategy based on the most current information. ClearPoint features interactive Balanced Scorecard briefing books that work online or off make meetings productive. You can also capture action items online that link to your Balanced Scorecard priorities, build interactive strategy maps, and assign accountability for objectives.

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Scorecards and Dashboards

ClearPoint allows for almost unlimited flexibility in visualizing your data and arranging your reports. With ClearPoint, you can quickly set up both strategy scorecards and operational dashboards to effectively manage your organization. You have extensive pre-built chart options, the ability to have calculated fields, and unlimited flexibility for grid and detail layout.

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Project Management

While making meetings more productive is great, the real work happens between meetings. Are projects on track? Have milestones been met? Are action items closed out? ClearPoint keeps you on top of projects so you can focus on strategy. With ClearPoint, you can instantly generate a Gantt chart view of your initiatives and milestones, assign accountability for projects, and link action items to key priorities.

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