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The Creativity Conundrum In Educational Leadership

Posted May 2, 2012 5:23 PM by Ted Jackson

This is a guest blog from Roslyn Tam. The original can be found at www.educationalleadership.com.

Many of the men and women who shaped the world over the course of history, from Mozart to Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, have done so by thinking well outside the sphere of traditional education. Famously, each of these men had some issues with authority, and it's hard to imagine any of them sitting placidly in a classroom and copying facts and figures from a chalkboard. In the end, their genius was not simply in their ability to understand complex systems, although that was certainly an important part of it. What set them apart was their creativity--that is, their ability to use previously held knowledge to produce something that no one had ever thought to make before; whether a symphony, a scientific theory or a personal computer.

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This was an incredibly articulate perspective on the creativity crisis facing our country today. It is time to think outside the box - which is one of the reasons we love using the BSC as a nonprofit arts organization! It is also time for each of us to support arts and creative thinking programs that touch today's youth and tomorrow's citizens! Thank you Ted!
# Posted By Sue Dahling Sullivan | 5/3/12 8:06 AM
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